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    Space Marine Tactica


    What should my next tactic be about?

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    Space Marine Tactica Empty Space Marine Tactica

    Post  magicguitar19 on Sat Mar 28, 2009 10:37 am

    Hey guys sorry I'm late for my Friday post. I was busy yesterday getting my new tyranid army painted and lost track of time.

    Anyways, today is all about the Space Marine Bike Squadron.

    Have you ever used your bike squadron on the front lines before? You were probably thinking, "Fast attack in front get to the enemy faster," weren't you? Well if not then you should have. They can really be used in the front or in the rear. I personally like mine in front for two reasons as shall be stated below:

    1. Get to the enemy quicker- By using them in front you can get to the enemy quicker and go ahead and take some of their front line out first. Take out the foes which you dread most. Even though it's almost a suicide mission, you will see great results.

    And Number 2-Keep your opponent busy. Sometimes, when I put my squadron in front, my opponent goes straight for them. He/she gets scared knowing that they could potentially attack first. In reaction to this thought he/she starts shooting at my bikes. This leaves him less of a chance to go for any of my other, more important units. I like to keep my opponents busy if you can't tell. Smile

    That's basically it for today. I know it wasn't as long as my last post, but they are all going to vary. If you'd like some tactics on something else other than what I'm posting at the moment then let me know. Give me some ideas for my next tactic for what army it should be for and what unit.

    That's it for Warhammer 40k Tactica. Please guys let me know what you think of these ideas and post comments on anything you think I should do different in way of format or wording. It will help in my next post of Warhammer 40k Tactica in the weeks ahead. Thank you and good gaming.

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    Space Marine Tactica Empty Re: Space Marine Tactica

    Post  MasterChief on Sat Mar 28, 2009 6:28 pm

    That was excellent! Very thorough and well done! Keep up the good work! Maybe you should put a poll to see what people would want to see for your next tactica session.

    Thank you!

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